Apple Glass: News about the launch of Apple’s augmented reality glasses leaks


Apple’s augmented reality glasses have just been unveiled in part, thanks to a leak from youtuber Jon Prosser. Prosser has revealed in recent months numerous details of Apple’s unannounced products, so your information must be taken into account. According to the youtuber, Apple Glass will cost $ 499 plus the cost of graduating the moons .

Eyeglass prescription is a separate cost. These crystals would be placed in the mount of the Apple Glass. Below, Prosser has broken down more information about this product:

    • They want to launch the product by the end of 2020 or March 2021.
    • The data processing will take place on the iPhone. A point that reminds us of the original Apple Watch.
  • Prosser claims to have seen a prototype in plastic material, but believes that the final material could change.
  • The final product, therefore, will vary but not too much. It will look like normal glasses.
  • It will have a LiDAR sensor on the right side, the same type that is in the iPad Pro 2020 and that is expected in both iPhone 12 Pro.
  • Charging the battery will be wireless through a plastic charger included in the box. The glasses are placed upside down during charging.

The absence of cameras other than the LiDAR sensor is explained for privacy reasons. The company would not want Apple Glass to face the same kind of rejection that occurred with Google Glass quite a few years ago, a device that was never widely adopted among the general public.