Microsoft buys robotic process automation company Softomotive


The robotic automation process is a technology based on a software – despite the name, there is no physical robot involucrado- observed that through automated learning and learn about repetitive and tedious tasks carried out by individuals and creates automatic processes to replace human effort . The processes that are automated can be very complex – as long as they are repetitive and leave little room for improvisation – or as simple as moving digital files from one place to another or copying and pasting information between different files.

” With the addition of Softomotive to the existing tools in Microsoft Power Automate, we are democratizing robotic process automation at an affordable price and allowing everyone to create robots to automate their manual processes in the business, ” said the company. from Redmond (Washington state, USA). Power Automate is part of the company’s product package under the Power Platform umbrella , whose objective is to provide companies that do not have sufficient technological resources with tools to facilitate the transition to automation and artificial intelligence.

Softomotive is headquartered in London, where most of its 150 employees are located, and has managed to raise capital worth $ 25 million since it was founded in 2005.Build 2020 also served Microsoft to reveal the latest developments regarding the projects it is working on, including a cloud software version specifically designed to meet the needs of healthcare organizations such as hospitals and healthcare facilities.