Filtering images of HTC’s wireless headphones, whose design closely resembles Apple’s AirPods

Images of the new wireless headphones from the Taiwanese company HTC, which seem to be very similar to Apple’s AirPods, have been leaked online.HTC sent the images of its new product, called ‘U Ear’ , to the National Communication Commission of Taiwan (China) for certification, a document it has already obtained, reports the Android Community portal.

The ‘U Ear’ have a USB connector cable and a charging case with a USB-C port. As can be seen in the images, these three elements have few differences with the Apple product, such as the color, the mode of opening of the case, the shape of the connector head and the charging contacts, which in the case of HTC headphones are located along the handle.

The Taiwanese company has not yet made any announcements, but according to Android Community, the launch of the device would be imminent . Although for another  specialized portal , the fact that HTC obtains the respective certification from the Taiwanese National Communication Commission does not mean that a product comes onto the market, so it only remains to wait for the company to pronounce itself.