Apple: you can now download iOS 13.5 for your iPhone and iPad

Apple: you can now download iOS 13.5 for your iPhone and iPad

This new update includes the API for developers that seeks to deal with COVID-19. So applications are incorporated that will notify you if you are close to a person. This new application can be installed on your device, since it will not be native to iOS.

The performance bug of the devices is also fixed as well as other news that we detail below:

Face ID:

  1. A new way of unlocking with FACE ID is incorporated, which will allow you to unlock your mobile phone even with the face mask on. This will work both when unlocking your mobile as well as authenticating yourself in applications that allow the FACE ID.


  1. Added an option to control the interface in group calls that allows when a participant speaks, the sizes of the tiles do not change.


  1. Addresses issue where users see a black screen when trying to play videos from websites.


To install the new iOS 13.5 follow these steps:

  1. On the iPhone or iPad select Settings.
  2. Select General and then Software Update
  3. When it is downloaded proceed to install it.

This update was highly anticipated by Apple users as it allows them to troubleshoot iOS devices as well as resolve the issue of unlocking the phone with the face mask on. Now it is the turn of governments to develop applications to combat COVID-19.