Do you like Miniso products? You can now buy them online


This is due to the fact that for the past couple of months, the nearly 200 Miniso outlets in the country have been closed. “Now that Miniso is already a well-positioned brand among Mexicans, the time is right to launch this sales channel. The pandemic has caused us to accelerate our processes.

“What we wanted to develop in four or five months, it turned out that we had to implement it in five weeks and we are going to come out with an initial version, and from there we are going to perfect it as we have planned it, but a very complete version will come out and true to what the brand has been, “said Arturo Tishman, Miniso commercial vice president for Latin America in a statement.

Although the Japanese retailer will continue to bet on physical stores, it does not rule out expanding its sales channels even further. “For the retail sector, this is a time of teaching, and this is probably the most important lesson that we are going to have in many years. In these confinement times, many people move in digital spaces,” said Gabriela Guti√©rrez, e-commerce director of Miniso Latin America.