Facebook strengthens Messenger security

The new functionality ” will help millions of people potentially avoid dangerous interactions and scams, without compromising their privacy, ” said Jay Sullivan, director of privacy and security product management at Facebook. The system was already implemented in March on phones that run on Android (Google) and will be implemented this week on iPhones (Apple). ” Too often, people chat with someone online who they think they know is actually an impostor, ” said Jay Sullivan. ” These fake accounts are difficult to identify and the consequences can be expensive .”

Artificial intelligence detects questionable behaviors, such as the mass sending of messages directed at certain regions or demographic groups. This technology does not require examining the content of the messages, says Facebook, which intends to switch to full encryption, also called “end-to-end”, in Messenger, just like the one that the group’s other messaging application has. .

” To prepare for end-to-end encryption, we are investing in tools like this that protect people’s privacy without reading messages, ” said Sullivan. Messenger already uses programs capable of combating junk mail (spam) and hindering attempts by adults to contact minors that they do not seem to know. With the coronavirus pandemic, Facebook is trying to accelerate the implementation of new tools that strengthen its platforms, more used than ever due to confinement.