Around 100 Target stores partially closed because of opposition

More than 100 Target stores in different parts of the country will briefly close after demonstrations triggered by George Floyd ‘s death in Minneapolis.This was confirmed in a statement Sunday by the department store chain.”We ‘re heartbroken by George Floyd ‘s death and the suffering that he creates in communities around the world. We have made the decision to close some of our stores at this time, “they write in the article.

“We expect that most of the stores will be closed temporarily. Our priority will continue to be on the health of our team members and on trying to rebuild our world. ” Goal indicated that during shop closings workers would receive payment of up to 14 days of regular hours plus payment of the COVID-19 fee.

They would also be able to operate near-closed at other Target sites, if necessary. The closings concentrate mainly on Minnesota, California , Texas, New York, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Illinois among others. There were no records of any closings in Nevada, Florida, New England, Arizona, Utah, Washington DC or Puerto Rico.