At smashing Mario 64 record, Gamer breaks down in tears. He tried it for almost a decade!

There is no question that the world of videogames goes beyond just having hours and hours in front of a computer, and beyond the fact that eSports have been slowly created, there are other ways in which gamers try to write their names in letters as well. Gold, just like the American Simply in the “Speedrunner” style, by setting a new world record to finish Super Mario 64, published 25 years ago, with 1 hour 38 minutes and 28 seconds time.

Ryan Reeves, (the real name of Speedy), shattered the previous record set by another Speedrunner called Liam, one of the most popular with that category on Nintendo, who was the fastest with 1 hour 38 minutes and 43 seconds, so Clearly pulverized the 15 seconds recortándole mark. The remarkable thing about the feat of Reeves is that he not only fell the mark for too long, but he attempted it for eight years. That’s why Clearly couldn’t control the tears as he managed to break the record and broadcast his accomplishment live from his Twitch page.

Also, the game’s most thrilling moment came when his parents stepped into Ryan’s place, and when he saw him weeping, his mother told him what happened. When he responded that he had broken the record, his parents rushed to embrace him, an behavior that breaks with the tabous video games and parents who have been fighting to ban their children for years, accusing young people of isolation and lack of time.