Ford Mustang Mach 1 returns for 2021 and will be more powerful than the Bullitt

Also present in 2003 was the iconic Ford pony car that was produced under the name Mach 1 between 1969 and 1978, but the following years left that position for other models, and now the oval model declared its return for 2021, putting it above the Mustang GT. Shortly before, speculation emerged that the iconic name Mach 1 might return, owing to the fact that the name of the records supplied by the company to the National Transportation Agency of the United States (NHTSA) was leaked and now Ford was commissioned to make it official.

It was also the same organization that released the first pictures of the Mustang family’s next leader, but indeed, with disguise so as not to expose all the surprises the next Mach 1 will bring.
The exterior of the current Mustang Mach 1 will include very visible changes relative to the rest of the series, featuring a modern grill with circular holes evoking the original Mach 1 version but it is not clear if it will have LED headlights or if they are plug outlets. The air to boost the flow as a function of refrigerant.

The Mustang Mach 1 front also features new details and much more angular lines, as there are two narrow horizontal holes in front of the hood and a wide lower lip. On the side you can see the specially built alloy wheels, while behind them are the brake calipers endorsed by Brembo; on the back we can see a massive spoiler with a style not seen in the Mustangs, and four exhaust vents, two on either side. In Ford’s terms, this latest Mach 1 will be the most sporty one produced for this generation’s street which implies the chassis will have a special tuning with a firmer suspension.