MTA calls for improvements in operating hours and refuses federal communications to stop the Metro as New York reopened in June

“Our rail and bus network is healthier and better than ever in history as we sweep and disinfect during the day,” MTA President Patrick Foye said, opposing the federal suggestion that private buses be used. To defend against new pathogens. Yesterday the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) issued the declaration, refusing advice from the Federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC) encouraging staff to drive their vehicles instead of using public transport.

The new CDC guide marks yet another contradictory recommendation from the highest health authority in the country. Encouraging people , especially people without vehicles and in congested places such as New York, not to take public transit is a mistake, “because of the noise, costs and pollution on the asphalt. His statement coincides with the announcement made yesterday by Governor Andrew Cuomo that the reopening of NYC, the only one of the 10 commercial zones remaining under quarantine since 22 March, will continue on 8 June.

Even Cuomo himself had reservations about that. He said the 400,000 workers due to return to work that day will have to consider whether to travel to their workplaces. “It’s up to you,” the governor said of the public and private transportation options. He added that the trains are safe, without explaining how to prevent overcrowding. “I don’t know if you can do strict social distancing on the buses or the Metro … you have to wear a mask,” he said. “The CDC clearly intends to encourage a traffic situation in urban areas,” an unnamed official told the New York Post wryly . “Your orientation may be fine in Nebraska, but in New York, good luck that employees can work” without using public transportation.