Volaris is cutting its power by two thirds in June

Mexican Volaris re-adjusted its estimated capacity to two-thirds of its overall operations in usable seats per mile against the originally released itinerary. A measure that will require it to run just one third of its capacity but this reflects a turnaround from recently made modifications to its itinerary due to the poor traveler flow due to the coronavirus.

Volaris served at half its capacity throughout the second half of March, while the available seats were cut by 80 percent in April, and the reduction was 90 percent in May, according to Expansión.
“Volaris has introduced new biosecurity and protection initiatives for its clients, personnel and ground staff ‘s health and well-being,” the firm said in a statement submitted to the Mexican stock exchange.

Among the consequences for the airline due to the pandemic is a net loss of 1,493 million pesos in the first quarter of the year, with lower passenger flows in the March (-12.8 per cent) and April (-83.4 per cent) annual comparison.