Maruti and Hyundai have also sold more than 31,000 cars in lockdown

Following a national freeze Caused by the New Delhi Coronavirus, the country’s top two car makers sold more than 31,000 cars themselves in May. They’ve both sold more than 10,000 cars in international markets, however. Maruti Suzuki India (Maruti Suzuki), the country’s largest vehicle manufacturer, said Monday it sold 18,539 cars in May. This is 86 per cent lower than a year earlier, however, in the same month. The company had sold 1,34,64 cars in the same month last year. The company exported 4,651 cars during this time, which in May 2019 is 48.82 per cent lower than 9,089 cars.

Maruti said it started production operations at the Manesar factory on May 12 and at the Gurgaon plant on May 18, following strict government rules and guidelines after the lockdown. Besides this, production has also begun from May 25 at its Gujarat factory.

According to information obtained from the country’s largest car exporting firm, Hyundai Motors India Ltd., the firm sold a total of 12583 cars in May of last year. 6883 cars were sold in the domestic market during this time while 5700 cars were sold in the international market.