Subway reveals to its restaurants new security protocols

Subway Latin America announced revised security measures and procedures in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, to make its gastronomic spaces safer for both customers and collaborators.
The following procedures are now being enforced at hundreds of locations around the country as part of Subway’s new global food safety program, called SAFE (Acronym for Improved Food Health).

The area and the company expect their over 4,000 restaurants in Latin America and the Caribbean to meet these new expectations in the next 90 days:Strict and enhanced handwashing and sanitation systems: Our workers regularly wash and disinfect their hands using warm water, antibacterial soap, and disinfectant, reaching or exceeding global food service staff requirements.
Material processing: All items are washed and handled thoroughly with sterile gloves.

New certification of food safety workers: Staff are retraining and certifying in the fields of food safety, hygiene and sanitation, with a special emphasis on Covid-19 precautions. Social distancing practices: Steps such as details labels on the floor and a new restaurant regulation can help protect customers and partners in their encounters two meters apart. Contactless payments: Credit / debit terminals and their keys are continuously being disinfected to secure clients.