SpaceX plans to begin another trip after successful astronaut trip

Last weekend SpaceX performed the groundbreaking Demo-2 flight with NASA, becoming the first private corporation to send humans into space aboard its own spacecraft. And what better way to celebrate than planning a second edition. Space corporation Elon Musk plans to fly their next Starlink satellite mission this Wednesday, June 3rd. The Kennedy Space Center announced that the launch from Cape Canaveral , Florida, is scheduled for 8:55 pm EST.

The mission was originally planned to take place in mid-May, but was postponed due to Storm Arthur. This will be the eighth launch of a group of 60 Starlink broadband satellites, bringing almost 500 orbiting satellites in total.

The company plans to send hundreds of satellites by year-end. The aim is to provide tens of thousands of low Earth orbit satellites to provide high-speed Internet almost anywhere in the world. The project was controversial among scientists and astronomers concerned about the satellite brightness that interfered with space telescopic observations.