According to scientists this is the place with the cleanest air in the world

Scientists claim that they have found the world’s cleanest climate, free of pollutants produced by human activities, over the Southern Ocean that surrounds Antarctica.

In a first-class study on bioaerosol composition in the Southern Ocean, Colorado State University researchers identified an atmospheric region which remains unchanged by human activity.
The climate and weather are closely related, linking each part of the world to other regions. As the climate rapidly changes due to human activity, scientists and researchers are struggling to find a corner of Earth that is unaffected by humans. Professor Sonia Kreidenweis and her team, however, suspected the air over the Southern Ocean would be the least affected by humans and dust from continents around the world.

Researchers found that there was no aerosol particles produced by human activity, including burning fossil fuels, planting certain crops, producing fertilizers, in the boundary layer, which feeds the lowest clouds across the Southern Ocean. And the disposal or transportation of wastewater from other countries worldwide. Air pollution is caused by aerosols, which are solid and liquid particles and gases that are suspended in the air.

The researchers decided to study what was in the air and where it came from, using bacteria in the air as a diagnostic tool to infer the properties of the lower atmosphere. Study researcher and co-author Thomas Hill explained that “the aerosols that control the properties of the clouds of the Southern Ocean are strongly linked to ocean biological processes, and that Antarctica appears to be isolated from the dispersion of microorganisms to the south and deposition of nutrients from southern continents, “he said in a statement. “Overall, it suggests that the Southern Ocean is one of the few places on Earth that has been minimally affected by anthropogenic activities,” he added.