Tesla sued China for this Model 3 clone

A truly similar car to Tesla’s Model 3 has begun selling in China. According to Gizmodo reports, a former employee of the company Elon Musk downloaded the Autopilot source code for this variant in 2019 and then left to work for another company in the Asian country. Xpeng is the start-up specialized in electric cars that it will use in violation of intellectual property and will use not only the design of the vehicle, but also the website design.

That motivated the Californian firm’s presentation of a lawsuit against Guangzhi Cao, alleging that the data downloaded by the corporation is a transcendental part of Tesla’s “jewel in the intellectual property crown.” The employee, who now works at Xpeng, did not mention the issue, but Tesla published a letter explaining the situation. “Inspired by and on the mission of beating Tesla, XMotors would have designed its vehicles around the open source patents of our company, imitating Tesla’s design, technology and even business model in a transparent way,” he notes.

As a result of this situation, Musk ‘s company has requested evidence from Xpeng to certify that they are not actually using their patents, which at the close of this note had not yet been delivered.
The Chinese company’s most recent announcement via its website is linked to its latest P7 electric sedan, which is essentially traced to Model 3. For now the case is continuing, awaiting justice to decide if Tesla’s intellectual property has been breached by the Chinese firm. However, Henry Xia, who founded Xpeng in 2004, admitted in late April 2020 that his work has been “heavily influenced by Tesla” for the last few years.