Toyota launches Special Edition Corolla with a very sporty look

Toyota’s new launch for the US market is the Corolla Special Edition , and while the name does not propose anything new, it serves to distinguish a common hybrid Corolla hatchback from the version that has a sportier appearance. Although it is important to mention that the ‘sports’ version only presents aesthetic changes, since the mechanics are the same as the regular hybrid version with CVT transmission.
Toyota has decided that it will produce only 1,500 Corolla Special Editions and they are all exclusive to the US market . USA , with the intention of preparing the arrival of the true sports car, the Corolla GR, which will have three-cylinder mechanics and a power greater than 250 hp from the Yaris GR. This hybrid make-up with racing makeup will be available for autumn, the characteristic color will be the Supersonic Red, the wheels will be 18 inches and the body will be decorated with a sports kit with black trim, specifically the heel pads, spoiler and splitter, It will also feature special emblems that will distinguish it from the regular Corolla.

The mechanics of the Corolla Special Edition will be exactly the same as the regular version, a 2.0 L turbo four-cylinder gasoline engine that is integrated into a hybrid powertrain. Total combined horsepower is 184 hp, of which up to 152 hp for the gasoline engine and 109 hp for the electric with a continuous variator drive.

The interior of the Toyota Corolla Special Edition will not have any major changes, it includes a standard 8-inch touch screen on the dash, WiFi connectivity and compatibility with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Amazon Alexa and as optional equipment you can choose the package ‘ Enhanced Cargo Space ‘, which adds extra storage space and a deeper trunk bottom.