Airtel’s special service is amazing when calling without recharge

Companies are bringing in new services to give the users the best experience. One is the Wi-Fi calling service offered by Airtel. With the support of this service, even when there is no cellular network, voice calls can be made and no active recharge plan is needed for that. This Airtel service comes at no extra charge. Its other special thing is that you can make voice calls anywhere in the country without any active recharge plan with his help.

The telephone must be wired to the Wi-Fi network in order to use Airtel ‘s voice over Wi-Fi service. The standard of calls made from Wi-Fi calls and cellular networks doesn’t make a difference. Airtel Wi-Fi telephone calling requires no download and no phone install. For this, some changes must be made to the phone’s settings.

You should have a handset for Wi-Fi calling which supports this service. Besides this, the phone also needs to have 4 G support. Always keep the phone updated for the best experience with Wi-Fi calling. Switch on VoLTE switch and Wi-Fi calling function in the phone until the new version is downloaded.