Facebook users can transfer the photos directly to Google Photos

Social networking giant Facebook is bringing its users some new features. The company has once again brought a new tool for users. The Facebuck Photo Transfer Tool is rolled out globally. With the aid of which Facebook users can directly transfer their photos and videos to Google Photos.

Users need to go to Settings and check for ‘Your Facebook Data’ to use this Facebook device. You will have to click on the ‘Download a copy of your images or videos’ option after clicking on it. You have to type your Facebook password after clicking on it. Now you have to choose Google Photos choice from the dropdown menu. Go to Google Images after this, and search it once.

After photo and video transfer, confirmation notification will come on Facebook as well as email. This new Facebook tool can be used on both mobile and desktop. First, this feature was made available for Facebook users in Canada and America. In December last year, the company announced this tool under the data transfer project of 2018. Let us know that Facebook has recently partnered with Google Photos and Facebook is planning to add its new partner.