AR glasses, the Samsung gadget that seeks to be Apple’s direct competitor

In the war for brand positioning on mobile phones , Samsung remains steadfast but this time with a gadget that will surprise many. Although the concept demonstration had already been revealed last year, it appears that AR glasses will become a reality for the coming months. AR glasses or AR lenses (as we say in many parts of Latin America) will use sensors to generate the feeling of augmented reality when connected to a mobile device that needs to be synchronized correctly.

That is, you’ll need a chip to use it with a mobile computer, like a laptop or smartphone. It can also be used as an extra screen, where you can display predetermined information about what’s being handled on device display.
Of course, it has not been proposed that they be used as a holographic type, which would imply the use of extra space to project, but that the information you have in front of your eyes can be handled with your hands in the air.

Back in the technological battle, the Korean firm files a new patent for its AR glasses, but this initiative is not recent. Samsung had already tried turning its high-end phones into VR headsets, but it has since dropped in popularity. Hence the desire to compete with a gadget that Apple is already working on, although the pioneer in this area will be Google .