Cyberpunk 2077: “A High-Tech Fantasy RPG”

As the release date of Cyberpunk 2077 approaches, more details will be revealed regarding the new Project RED CD title. We have this time unpublished details with the courtesy of a German podcast, GameStar, which had this title developers as guests. Recall that a presentation of the CD Projekt RED was scheduled for 11 June. However, after the events of unnecessary violence committed by a police officer on a colored resident, the Polish team agreed to postpone it until Thursday 25 to increase concern among the public that follows.

A Reddit user has translated one of the most interesting extracts reported on in the show. In this part, it’s made clear the style that Cyberpunk 2077 will maintain in its developers’ words. What they call “Cyberspace” stands out amongst the things mentioned. “Cyberspace is sort of like combining Skyrim with Tron. There are weapons like in a fantasy-themed RPG. You can call anyone to incinerate an evil hacker.

Another one of the characteristics to which they referred in the podcast, was with respect to the ” clean ” that the map will be seen in terms of icons . Compared to The Witcher 3 , which had a map full of gauges, the Cyberpunk 2077 map will look clear. Lastly, the developers also touched on melee . They admit that the video seen in the E3 trailer was not what they really wanted to show regarding the combat, therefore there will be improvements in the final product .