Microsoft says sales of Xbox Series X are not important

Xbox fans are currently looking forward to the release of the new console from Microsoft. We’ve seen analysts point to a potential expense for the console and its sales over the months. Despite this, Microsoft has shocked us by making sure console sales didn’t matter to them. That’s because their focus is tied to the Xbox Series X, but that’s not all.

This was revealed in an interview with the BBC media, where these points were revealed by Phil Spencer himself. His focus, he says, is not on selling consoles, but rather on selling subscriptions to the Xbox Game Pass program. He points out with this, that the important thing for the organization is the people to whom the service is offered.

“Our strategy revolves around the player, not the device. If this isn’t the year a family makes the decision to buy a new Xbox, it doesn’t matter. Our strategy does not revolve around how many Xbox we will sell this year . […] We are focused on providing services through the Xbox Game Pass, which allows people to build their own game library for a monthly payment. Backward compatibility means that the console you have will allow you to play thousands of different games. “Smart Delivery” means that when they advance to the next generation, their games will do it alongside them, “said Spencer.