SpaceX: Elon Musk now claims Starship is his top priority

A few days ago, SpaceX stole all of the headlines and trending topics. Taking a manned mission to the International Space Station ( ISS), after making history with NASA. Apparently, the mission had some clear opportunities. Especially when it comes to travel stability and comfort. But to space exploration, it sets a very important precedent.

This seems to be something Elon Musk is very adamant about. And CNBC folks just leaked an internal SpaceX email. Where the executive sets the course for itself to follow now. Musk’s post, as stated by the media, now marks the production of his Starship rocket as the company’s top priority.

The maximum objective would now be to reduce the risks of return of the Dragon capsules and to increase the rate of progress that the development project of this ship had so far. SpaceX’s future would be focused on Starship. Since it would be more stable, faster and with the capacity to make much longer flights. In fact it is what they plan to use to carry out the first mission to Mars. So Elon Musk’s prompts sound sensible.