Android 11: Google is releasing the beta version, with all these new features

Google confirmed that the beta version of Android 11, an update of the smartphone and mobile device operating system, would be open to developers to download and test their new apps. Sometime in the second half of 2020 (usually September or October) the final version is estimated ready. At the moment, only Pixel 2 , 3, 3a and 4 device owners can install the beta version of Android 11, as there are no bootloader restrictions on Google mobile devices. Android phone users from other manufacturers, such as Samsung and LG, and especially those purchased via a mobile service provider, will have to wait for the manufacturer to submit the final version via wireless update.

The company announced some specifics of the mobile operating system ‘s progress last February, and this time the beta already provides access to Android 11’s most relevant data, such as changes in notification management and application permissions, in addition to providing new ways to communicate with connected device controls at home.
Notifications will have a special section for chat conversations and social networks to promote response from one venue. In effect, you can control the importance and priority of each of the messages, even when the phone has triggered the “do not disturb” mode, you can see those talks marked as important.

In Android 11, virtual keyboards will be able to make suggestions for text and emojis locally, a feature that will automatically fill out a message or form. In addition , the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system will support Emoji Kitchen, a support that enables two emojis to be combined in a sticker to give users more opportunities to express themselves.