WhatsApp: The filtering of user personal data

WhatsApp users reported that their phone numbers were stored by Google, and that they could only be accessed by searching Google for “site: wa.me.” This has generated various claims because users ‘ personal data, such as their phone numbers and profile photos shown on WhatsApp in public mode, have been put at risk.

This error occurred with the “Click to chat” function, which allows users to chat with someone on WhatsApp by putting wa.me/ plus phone number of the contact in the search bar. The messaging application reported that this problem has already been solved, and this occurred because Google indexed the phone numbers of users to their searches. So WhatsApp urged search systems to stop considering these links within the results on the web.

WhatsApp reported that this is not a failure in their security, since the numbers appeared as URL links and that they were public for the consideration of users, since they can block unwanted messages. To improve your security and privacy within the messaging application, it is recommended to change the privacy settings to just “my contacts” so that this information is not public to everyone.