Compared to all other consoles, Xbox Series X and PS5 have these measurements

We are still unaware of various details of the Xbox Series X and PS5, the Microsoft and Sony next-generation machines, respectively. The community and experts at least have an idea about the dimensions of both consoles. Now we get an idea of how large they ‘re going to be. The best way to know the dimensions of the PS5 and Xbox Series X is by using the size of the front USB ports, because their proportions are universal.

A graph that has become a trend in social networks compares all Xbox and PlayStation consoles to the future generation. Everything indicates that the PS5 will be considerably higher than Xbox Series X. In the case of PlayStation, the fifth edition of the console is the highest of all, while the Xbox Series X will be almost the same height as the 360. While everyone is waiting for more PS5 news, the new Xbox Series X still has a few things to offer. New clues would indicate that the Microsoft console would have a cheap version.

A Twitter user, identified as @ XB1_HexDecimal , posted several mentions to something called ” Xbox Lockhart ” in the Windows 10 system library, listed next to ” Xbox Anaconda, ” the Series X’s code name. Lockhart , according to previous rumors, It becomes the pseudonym of the cheapest version of the Xbox . Microsoft is planning to repeat the strategy of the Xbox One , which has a more powerful version called Xbox One X and its economic version Xbox One S . Will we see the same formula with the new Xbox Series X ?