NASA encourages the dream of Elon Musk: A Moon colony

The shower of good news for SpaceX seems to have no end. After the resounding success of the Demo-2 mission in bringing a couple of astronauts to the International Space Station, NASA and its spokesmen are constantly winking about how good the competition between private companies is, the amount of money saved and the success of the missions.

The historical fact has done especially well within the United States Space Agency that they see a positive opportunity to stop depending on themselves for space travel and, by the way, stop spending a few billion dollars ‘outsourcing’ this service. And it is that the costs per seat, thanks to the Elon Musk formula , have decreased considerably thanks mainly to the fact that their rockets are reusable and are made with the latest technology.

With the first litmus test passed, Musk is already looking beyond the International Space Station and is accelerating the development of his Starship ship , with which he intends to reach the Moon as part of the Artemis project. An international space program that aims to bring humans back to Earth’s natural satellite and which already has the extravagant owner of SpaceX as one of the main characters.