Sony makes sure PlayStation 5 is quieter than PS4

One problem with having consoles of increasing technical complexity is that they can quickly become banshees. God forgive you if you tried to play The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion on an Xbox 360. Same with the PlayStation 3, especially its slimmer models that compressed its parts more. This also happened with the PlayStation 4. Everyone remembers the launch of the PlayStation 4 Pro, right? However, Sony has once again reminded its consumers that they are trying to keep the PlayStation 5 from repeating these issues.

Sony Interactive Entertainment executive Simon Rutter had a conversation with The Guardian . In this, he explained several of the objectives they are seeking to achieve with the technology of the PlayStation 5. He discussed the control, the technical aspects of the console and its famous SSD that reduces loading times to the minimum possible. However, what interests us most about this article is that the executive highlighted that “a lot of effort” has gone to making the PlayStation 5 less noisy. It will be interesting to see if they comply.

Let’s go back to the launch of the PlayStation 4 Pro. Shortly after its launch, multiple users reported that their consoles were getting quite loud. Some were annoying while others sounded so loud it was even fun to hear them scream. Taking this into account, it is understandable that Sony wants to reassure its future consumers. Everyone mocked the design of the Xbox One, but it was this design in part that allowed it to be much quieter than its Japanese counterpart.