The Wild West reaches the Moon

Buzz Aldrin and the US Flag on the lunar surface they made history 51 years ago. Today, perhaps, the image is also the least suitable for maintaining peace in the world of the 21st century.And it is that last year was the 50th anniversary of the arrival of man on the Moon . A year later everyone struggles to get hold of it, colonize it and have it as its springboard to Mars. Trump calls to exploit it as if it were his own. China takes steps not to lose its share. Russia shouts: nothing of that; it belongs to no one and in any case it is both yours and the rest. What does the rest say? Europe stares in amazement at a debate in which it sometimes acts as an affected party, others as an interested party. Behind come India , Israel … even private companies .

The first flag to fly through space bore the hammer and sickle. The first to set foot on the Moon wore stars and bars. The first to reveal the secrets of the lunar underground in his hidden face insists on red, this time starred. The USA, Russia (as successor to the Soviet Union) and China lead the race to dominate the only natural terrestrial satellite. And the ultimate reason is below its surface.

The views of Earth from the Moon are impressive, but the true object of desire of the planet’s giants on the Moon is not seen. Although it is intuited. The Moon’s resources are well known and relatively well mapped, experts say. It is known that there is silicon that can be used for solar panels, oxygen that could be used as fuel for space rockets, water and, above all, helium-3, also called lunar gold , a light, stable and non-radioactive isotope, and for both useful for nuclear fusion reactors. To these are added, in turn, other materials considered rare that may be a central part in future developments in electronics – when many of these are now concentrated in few African countries. Also the regolith itself as an industrial rock for the construction of runways and moon landing, roads, highways and anti-radiation shields and other strategic elements and of the platinum and non-indigenous group.