Experts detect greenish glow in Mars atmosphere

Using the TGO (Trace Gas Orbiter) orbiter belonging to the European Space Agency (ESA), astronomers have detected green oxygen in the atmosphere of Mars . Through an official statement, experts have reported that this is the first time that this emission has been detected on a planet outside Earth. Bright oxygen is commonly produced on our planet when the polar auroras are in full development. The green color is related to the energetic electrons from space that hit the Earth’s atmosphere.The emission of light is driven by oxygen, which is why the auroras take on the characteristic green color.

However, the northern and polar auroras are not the only way an atmosphere shines. A process occurs constantly in which sunlight interacts with atoms and molecules on a planet. Astronomers have noted that the green glow can occur on other planets, but due to the brightness of their atmospheres, it can be complex to capture it using telescopes.

The scientists who detected the glare on Mars belong to the University of Liège, Belgium, who constantly monitor the activity of the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter, which has been in the Red Planet since 2016. Experts stated that some 40 years ago, the existence of these phenomena on Mars had been theorized, but now thanks to TGO, their existence could be detected in situ. In the time period corresponding to April 24 and December 1, 2019, the researchers dedicated themselves to scanning, thanks to TGO, altitudes ranging from 20 to 400 kilometers on the planet Mars.