Rocket launch of a Japanese company ended at sea

The space race has focused on commercial launches and businesses around the world are trying to make the competition SpaceX of Elon Musk . This means that there will be no lack of missions without success. This occurred with the Japanese company Interstellar Technologies, which failed the fifth test of its MOMO probe rocket .

This was launched on June 14 from the island of Hokkaido in Japan and ended at sea. The broadcast showed how sparks appeared on the rocket just over 30 seconds after it was launched. Seconds later an engine failure caused him to lose control and end up at sea. Interstellar Technologies is a company that is still looking to perfect its MOMO rocket . Her tests started in 2017 and so far only one was successful, in May 2019.

Its most famous launch occurred on June 30, 2018 , when the MOMO rocket exploded after failing to propel itself.
For now, SpaceX can rest easy. Its competition in commercial launches has yet to make further progress. Its closest follower is Boeing with Starliner, which could fly a manned flight in 2021 if it manages to dock with the International Space Station in an unmanned launch.