They make an impressive discovery within the Earth

The University of Meryland, United States, made a discovery that lies between the core and the mantle of planet Earth. In the midst of an investigation into the behavior of seismic waves, scientists discovered a vast structure made of dense material. Scientists called the discovery “unexpected structures.”

According to RT, »The discovered structure is found below the Marquesas islands in the South Pacific, which are volcanic in nature. Furthermore, the structure underneath those Hawaiian islands was shown to be much larger than previously believed. ” Experts say that they have not yet been able to determine what this discovery is made of, but that it will surely shed new light to understand the evolutionary process and the structural chain of the planet.

a postdoctoral fellow in the Geology Department and lead author of the scientific paper, said that the border between the core and the Earth’s mantle has several structures that can produce echoes generated by seismic waves after an earthquake or tremor and this Disappearance will allow us to be more exact when calculating the movements of the planet’s plates . This shows, according to scientists, that despite the research and studies that have been done to date, there will always be something on planet Earth that will surprise them and open new paths towards more global knowledge.