Will Microsoft also launch two models of its new Xbox Series X console?

The console war continues and PlayStation has returned to the race with the official presentation of the PS5 and its two models that will be available at the end of the year. What is Microsoft preparing for this? The company has already revealed the Xbox Series X model, the official standard version of the new generation. But Sony’s presentation has made eyes turn to Xbox to ask if the platform will also have two models . And a record has raised suspicions about it.

On June 12, Microsoft registered the term Xbox Series, independent of the Xbox Series X , in JUSTIA, a North American portal that houses legal and copyrighted information. The same day, the well-known console brand was registered. This move doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a new console model, but it does leave a chance for it . Recall that the Xbox One did launch a readerless model, the Xbox One All Digital, but that this did not happen until several years after its original release. Also, the other versions came out in different years: standard Xbox One (2013), Xbox One S (2016) and Xbox One X (2017).

“Power, speed and compatibility” are the three primary characteristics that define the next generation of Xbox. Previous models measured the power in graphic improvements, but with Xbox Series X, it is about “making playing games better” , and not defining this team based on graphics and resolution only, as the company has shared in its Blog. We will have to wait until July to know the first exclusive games of the Xbox Series X and see if Microsoft also prepares a version of the console without discs.