All Fortnite Season 3 teasers released so far

Monday’s event was the kick-off for Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 2. The Device gave way to previews of the new season that Epic Games made over the past two days on the game’s official social media. The first to arrive was the trident, which we know will be from Aquaman , who will be in the game. He will apparently arrive to fill the same role as Deadpool in Season 2 and be the focus of the Battle Pass. Jason Momoa himself (actor who plays Aquaman in the DC Cinematic Universe) joined the teaser from his Instagram account.

Below we find what appears to be a new location in the game. The community talks that the oil platform will transform into an island in Season 3, but it will be waiting to find out. The fourth teaser was a cat about what appears to be a motorcycle , no idea or theory here, we will have to wait to see what it means.

Finally, the teaser that brings together all of the above is that of a metallic owl that seems to be a central point of the next season. Fortnite will be updated this Wednesday June 17 to Season 3 of Chapter 2 and then we will have more answers to so many unknowns.