Amazon creates a technology for distancing at work

Amazon announced the launch of a “distance assistant” to reduce coronavirus infections in the workplace. The augmented reality system works with the help of cameras and a large screen that draws virtual circles around employees to encourage them to maintain a distance of approximately two meters between them. If the circle is green, it means that the distance is adequate, but if it turns red it means that people are too close to each other.

In a blog post, Amazon explained that the system was developed by its engineers, who were “inspired by existing examples such as speed-measuring radars.” The company said the system has already been used in “a handful” of its stores and that it would soon be more widely implemented.

Amazon plans to make the technology available to the general public “so that anyone can create their own distance assistant.” The Seattle-based retail giant, which employs nearly 800,000 people worldwide, faced protests for the safety of its employees during the pandemic . The company has also committed to investing billions of dollars to fight COVID-19.