HUAWEI P40: discover the photographic function that allows you to take spectacular images

Taking a good photo is sometimes one of the biggest challenges users have before capturing a special moment. People who seep into the photo, reflections that overshadow the image or a shot made at an imprecise moment, are some of the mishaps that usually repeat when taking a picture. This is where the Golden Snap function comes into the HUAWEI P40 series, which allows achieving the photographic quality that users need. These are the news you can do with the latest smartphones presented by the company.

Who has not happened to have their picture taken with extra people in their frame? With Huawei’s new P40 series this will no longer be a problem, as it allows you to eliminate people who sneak into the shot and have a clean background, where the focus stands out. Sometimes we take excellent images, but we are not happy with the result because there is some light reflection that ruins the shot. With artificial intelligence integrated into these devices, this problem can be solved by eliminating reflections with just a touch.

taking photos on the move has never been so easy. Thanks to the AI ​​movement algorithm, the posture and expression characteristics are recognized when capturing images. Thus, smartphones take 4K moving images, allowing you to choose the best moving shot within the editing function.