The EU opens two investigations into Apple for monopolistic abuses on the App Store and Apple Pay

The European Commission has reported on Tuesday that its antitrust regulatory bodies have opened two investigations into Apple, one about its App Store store and the other about its Apple Pay payment service, to find out if the restrictions imposed by the iPhone manufacturer have violated the competition rules of the European Union (EU). Apple’s mandatory use of its purchasing system will be analyzed, as well as restrictions on the ability of developers to inform iPhone and iPad users of other possibilities outside of applications to make cheaper purchases.

The second case focuses on Apple’s conditions and terms of use to use Apple Pay , the company’s payment platform, in commercial applications and websites on iPad and iPhone devices, among others. Apple’s response to the opening of the two files has been to accuse some companies of filing unsubstantiated complaints, as well as criticizing EU regulators for attending to them. In a statement, the US company has stated: “It is disappointing that the European Commission presents unfounded claims from a handful of companies that simply want a free ride , and do not want to follow the same rules as everyone else.”

The Brussels investigation has been launched to follow up on complaints from Spotify and an unidentified e-book and audiobook distributor about the impact of App Store rules on competition in streaming music and books. electronic. The European Commission’s Executive Vice President for Competition Policy, Margrethe Vestager, has stated: “We must ensure that Apple’s rules do not distort competition in markets where Apple competes with other application developers,” so who has decided to “carefully analyze Apple’s App Store rules and their compliance with EU competition rules.”