Google deletes the full address in the URL bar in Chrome

This new option will hide the complete URL in the upper bar of the browser and will only show the domain name.The company has tested this new feature in versions 85 of the Chrome Dev and Chorme Canary browsers, beta and alpha versions, respectively.

“We are implementing this simplified domain visualization experiment so that we can conduct qualitative and quantitative research to understand whether it helps users identify malicious web pages more accurately,” said a developer at Chromium. Specifically, this new option will hide the full URL in the top bar of the browser and will only show the domain name, as reported by Android Police.

Google has also confirmed that, in case of reaching all users, it is possible to keep the URL as it appears now by selecting the bar with the right mouse button and then selecting “Always show full URLs”. So far, the change has only been made in the trial versions of Chrome, so it is unknown whether it will reach users or not.