The American company Boston Dynamics launches its ‘robot dog’ to the market

On Tuesday, the American robot development company Boston Dynamics reported in a statement about the launch of Spot, a quadruped robot similar to a dog, for a price of $ 74,500 . Previously, Spot was only available for short-term rental under an early adoption program, in which more than 150 copies were used by companies and research facilities to perform a wide variety of tasks.

Thanks to its ability to generate 3D maps, this robot has been used to document the progress of construction sites and monitor remote or dangerous environments, such as oil platforms or decommissioned nuclear sites.

In addition, Spot’s tasks include patrolling a Singapore park , where he reported on the speaker about the need to maintain a two-meter social distance. It has even been used to herd herds and care for crops. At the moment, Spot is only available for the US market; however, the company announced that it will continue the early adoption program for international clients.