Twitter added a function to include voice messages in tweets

Twitter announced Wednesday that it has begun testing the option of adding a voice message to posts. This was announced by the social network through a tweet, where it is mentioned that this option will be available for iOS.
It is a gradual launch, which will only reach some iPhone users in principle. It is not yet known when it will reach the rest of those who use that operating system or when the option will land on Android as well as on the web version of the platform. Now, those who have this tool, will see when composing the tweet that a new icon will appear in the lower margin next to the photo or video: an image of sound waves. Pressing there you can record a voice audio to add to the tweet .

The voice message can last a maximum of 140 seconds. When publishing the tweet you will see the user’s profile photo and a play button. Pressing there will emit the message and the user will see the progress of the reproduction .
Twitter began implementing a new tool that will allow the user to limit responses to their tweets. In other words, you can choose who can respond or not to the publications made on that social network.

At the time of writing the tweet and, before publishing it, you can choose who can reply among three options: a) everyone (standard Twitter, and the default settings), b) only the people you follow or c) only the people you mention .It should be noted that these tools are part of a test with which, for the moment, it is only enabled for some users (on iOS, Android as well as for the desktop version) who have their updated application.