The first certified electric plane opens the door to ecological flights

It is called Velis Electro and although it is not the first capable aircraft to take flight with an electric motor, it is the first with official certification that it meets the safety requirements of the European Union, taking a first step towards a future of transport. Non-polluting commercial air. “After almost two decades of intensive research and developing seven award-winning success models since 2007, the Pipistrel company has made a real breakthrough in the history of aviation,” said Taja Boscarol, director of public relations for this Slovenian company. , manufacturer of the plane.
The Velis Electro is an ultralight two-seater only 6.47 meters long, with a wing span of 10.71 meters and a load capacity of 172 kilos for 50 minutes of flight, at a maximum speed of 200 kilometers per hour.

Despite its modest dimensions, the certification received on June 10 by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), the first to a fully electric aircraft, represents a major step towards clean air transport. “A first step towards the commercial use of electric aircraft, necessary to make emission-free aviation feasible,” sums up that success, Ivo Boscarol, director of the company he himself founded in 1989. Boscarol says that the Velis Electro not only meets the highest levels of safety, but the 60 decibels maximum it produces make it a third quieter than airplanes with explosion engines.

EASA itself considers that the Velis Electro certification represents “an important milestone in the search for environmentally sustainable aviation.” So much so that Boscarol ensures that it can be compared to the appearance of cell phones. “Velis Electro can be compared to the mobile phones of twenty years ago, when they did not yet have cameras, an internet connection and any of those fantastic features that we take for granted today. Back then, no one could really predict what their future development would be like. “, Explain.