Leaker says the OnePlus Nord is not a rebadged OPPO Reno4 5G

A few days ago, we created a poll asking our readers if they will purchase the soon-to-be-announced OnePlus Nord if it turns out to be a rebadged OPPO phone. You should check out the poll and vote if you haven’t. The idea for the poll came from rumors flying around about the OnePlus Nord being a rebadged OPPO phone; with strong leanings towards the Reno4 5G. Max has a good track record when it comes to leaks and we trust him on this. However, while he does say it is not a rebadged Reno4, it doesn’t mean the OnePlus Nord may not be a rebadged (OPPO) phone or at have a familiar look.

Other than the Reno4 5G, another OPPO phone with dual-selfie cameras is the Reno3 Pro (Helio P95 version). Not only does it have dual front-facing cameras, but it also has quad rear cameras which the OnePlus Nord is said to have. Of course, the Reno3 Pro doesn’t have a high refresh rate, which the Nord will have. So it might have a very similar design but definitely is not a rebadged version of the Reno3 Pro. Anyway, the above is just speculation. The good news is that we may not have to wait for long to find out what the OnePlus Nord looks like. The special documentary OnePlus made that talks about the phone’s design premieres today and it may give us our first look at the upcoming mid-range phone.

The OnePlus Nord has undergone multiple changes since we first heard about it last year. It was originally referred to as the OnePlus 8 Lite and then the OnePlus Z. It was also expected to come with a MediaTek 5G processor and have a hole punch in the center just like the Galaxy S20. Now, the phone goes by a new name, has a Snapdragon processor, and has been confirmed to have dual front-facing cameras that point at a pill-shaped hole in the display.