NASA invented PULSE a collar to avoid touching our faces from the coronavirus

In times of COVID-19, the virus that emerged in China in late 2019, radically changing our lives, where we must wear masks, masks, restrict our social contact and we have limitations on our freedoms (very similar to what happens in the Eastern Republic of China), ranging from travel to our jobs and human relationships, one of the fundamental recommendations that doctors make is to avoid touching our faces so as not to get coronavirus.

And NASA invented PULSE, a necklace that helps us do that. The device has a simple technology to replicate, it is accessible and easily manufactured by any company or entrepreneur since the instructions for its assembly are available as open source.

NASA does not have a store to sell it, so the design instructions for making the PULSE are available free to anyone. You only need a 3D printer, a soldering tool, some cables, a motor, a battery and other materials.