Facebook to concentrate on original, open authorship, after advertisers boycott

Facebook also announced that original content will be prioritized for publishing on the site. This will also track the integrity of the editorial staff to ensure the content on the website is reliable and authentic. This will be for news content exclusively. This move comes shortly after hundreds of advertisers boycotted Facebook as part of the “Stop Hate for Profit” movement including Starbucks, Coca Cola and Levi Strauss.

Campbell Brown, VP, Global News Partnerships and Jon Levin, Product Manager in a blog post, wrote, “Today, we are updating the way news stories are ranked in News Feed to prioritize original reporting and transparent authoring stories.” Facebook’s team will achieve this by prioritizing articles in News Feed that they identify as original reporting on a developing story or topic.

“We do so by looking at groups of papers on a specific subject of the story and selecting the ones most commonly quoted as the source. We’ll start by recognizing original English-language news stories and will do the same in the future for news in other languages, “Brown and Levin noted. Facebook must test the accuracy of the editorial team and verify the authenticity and reliability of the news articles being shared on the site. To this end, Facebook will check byline news stories or a staff page on the publisher’s website that lists reporters’ first and last names or other editorial staff.