Apple is planning to use its apps as a passport for users

A series of patent applications filed by the Apple corporation have been issued by the United States Patent Office for a device-based system capable of securely replacing users’ passports. The Cupertino firm outlines numerous methods of registering and verifying the identity of a user in a set of patent applications entitled “Providing Verified User Identity Claims”

“A device that implements a system to use a verified identity claim can include at least one processor configured to receive a response vector corresponding to a verified claim from a device user,” notes one of the requests filed by the tech. “The validated claim contains several data fields to identify the user and as a server-signed digital certificate, the validated claim is associated with the client,” the company adds. As Apple states in the patent application, the device “allows a user to receive a validated identity claim that acts as a digital identity for the user, including user identification information ( for example, information provided by the user and checked by one or more systems) that can be reused in various service providers.”

Additionally, the Apple document provides details on the different ways user data can be securely transmitted. Recall that on June 22, the company released its iPhone mobiles with the latest version of the operating system, iOS 14. With iOS 14, the CarPlay application has added, among other things, the possibility of using the phone as a substitute for the keys to open the car when users enter the computer. This feature will also come to iOS 13, it’s located in a protected operating system section and can be deactivated remotely in case users lose their mobile phone.