Bharti Airtel will soon launch an app for business video conferencing

When demand for these services grows during the COVID-19 pandemic, Bharti Airtel will soon introduce a videoconferencing app for companies. According to a study by The Economic Times, Airtel will initially only offer its branded video-conferencing service to businesses and could launch the product for regular customers after evaluating demand.

“Airtel is very close to launching many enterprise-grade products in the near future, including a single video-conference device,” a source told the publication. Airtel will prioritise data localisation and security amid growing concerns over cyber security threats, the report said.

“Airtel is focusing on high levels of security as the USP of the product, given the growing debate around cyber security as people work from home,” a source told the publication. The video-conferencing service will be available on mobile and desktop, and will contain the latest AES 256 encryption and multiple layers of authentication, the source told the paper.