Sony WF-XB700 Earphones Very Wireless

The WF-XB700 are the latest in Sony’s Extra Bass lineup. Not to be confused with the WH-XB700, which are full-sized circumaural headphones, the WF-XB700 that we are looking at today are a pair of truly wireless earbuds. The WF-XB700 is a more affordable alternative to the common, but expensive WF-1000XM3 earphones from Sony. These don’t include the active noise-cancelation and some of the WF-1000XM3’s more advanced features but have a more standard feature set with the addition of Extra Bass sound.

While not the cheapest genuinely wireless earphones on the market, the Sony WF-XB700 could potentially be a good option for anyone searching for a more reliable brand quality product rather than picking up anything from Amazon’s bargain bin. Let’s see how well they are doing, especially against existing rivals. The WF-XB700 comes in a pill-shaped case which is now common. The case is a little bigger than what most genuinely wireless earphones have, but when you take the earphones out, the explanation for that becomes obvious later.

The case is in matte plastic and feels pretty good. The lid is transparent, allowing you to see the case’s status LEDs, and the individual earphones inside without opening it. That said, the case LEDs and earphones point in a different direction and you’re not always able to see them all from the same perspective at a glance.