The gloves come on: Singapore votes on Coronavirus attack

Wearing masks and gloves and being vigilant to observe social distance, Singaporeans voted as the city-state continues to recover from coronavirus outbreak in a general election Friday. After a nine-day campaign that mainly took place online since demonstrations were prohibited to minimize the risk of contamination, voters cast their ballots with a raft of stringent security measures in place.

Polls opened at 8:00 am (0000 GMT) and are scheduled to close at 8:00 pm, with final results anticipated early Saturday. Voters were given suggested time slots to cast ballots, with senior citizens becoming the first to go into the morning ballot box. The People’s Action Party (PAP), which has controlled Singapore for six decades, is assured of victory but faces competition with some prominent candidates supported by the country’s premier ‘s estranged uncle.

The wealthy financial hub had experienced massive virus outbreaks in dormitories housing low-paid foreign employees, but the government agreed to call the poll with new infections slowing down and authorities easing a partial lockdown. The opposition accused the PAP of “irresponsibility,” but officials say they have done enough to ensure that the 2,65 million registered voters will cast their ballots safely