Brazil’s Bolsonaro was fed up with quarantine in order to test new viruses

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who has been in quarantine for almost a week after checking positively for the new coronavirus, declared on Monday that he is preparing to take another test because he “can’t stand” isolated. The test result, scheduled for Tuesday, “will be out in a couple of hours, and I’m going to wait very anxiously because I can’t bear this routine of sitting at home. It’s terrible,” President Bolsonaro said in a telephone interview with CNN Brazil, from his official residence at Alvorada Palace in Brasilia.

President Bolsonaro said during his interview that he feels “very healthy,” and has no fever or breathing problems. He has not lost his sense of taste either, one of COVID-19’s most prominent symptoms. “I don’t know whether the latest test would confirm (the virus) tomorrow, but if it’s all right, I’ll go back to work . Of course, if it’s the other way around, I’ll wait a few more days,” the 65-year-old said, adding that he hoped to resume his activities within a week at most.

Last Thursday, President Bolsonaro said during his weekly Facebook Live post that he had started taking one hydroxychloroquine tablet every day after feeling unwell. The medication, which was initially studied to combat malaria, has been introduced into several countries as a COVID-19 treatment — but its efficacy has not been officially confirmed, and the problem divides the global scientific community profoundly.