The US has the world’s biggest coronavirus research system

The United States has the world’s largest Covid-19 research system, more than major countries like Russia , China, India , and Brazil, President Donald Trump said on Monday, citing America’s “just about the lowest mortality rate” in the world due to the disease. “We have one of the lowest mortality rates anywhere,” Trump said at a roundtable meeting in the White House. So far, more than 34 lakh Americans have tested positive for Covid-19 and more than 1,37,000 have died as a result of the disease, both of which constitute the largest number of all nations.

“We test more than anybody by far. And when you test, you create cases. So we have created cases. I can tell you that some countries, they test when somebody walks into a hospital sick or walks into maybe a doctor’s office, but usually a hospital. That is the testing they do, so they do not have cases, whereas we have all these cases. So, it is a double-edged sword,” he said.

At the same time, Trump added that the United States had the lowest mortality rate, or just about the lowest mortality rate in the world due to the disease. “We ‘re doing a fantastic job. We ‘re doing vaccines really well and we’re doing therapeutics really, very well. I think we’re going to have some really interesting details coming out soon,” he said in response to a query.